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Some picture galleries and info about the stereo i've put in my 2005 subaru forester xt
More information about each bit is available at 'Audio' on this website... and linked to under each subsection

Source Unit

Blaupunkt Bremen mp74


RE audio xtx 500.5
Comparison to an old audio art 260.6xe, which was really small for its specs at the time:

RE audio xtx 500.5 vs audio art 260.6xeFebruary 2, 2012

Install Pictures -- on the bottom side of the passenger seat:

re audio xtx 500.5 install in subaru forester xtFebruary 2, 2012

Door Speakers

Front: Polk db651
Rear: Polk db651s
A selection of random pictures from the door speaker install

Subaru forester door speaker install - random picturesFebruary 2, 2012


Polk mm1040dvc (was mm1040 non dvc - decided wanted more power from amp and not enough space for second sub)

Subaru Forester Sub Install February 3, 2012

Audio Cables

Custom truly shielded rca cables
Termination: Rean NYS373 of various colors 
Cable: Mogami MAR W2552 2 conductor Shielded
Thanks to this forum/page for tips and tricks on soldering as well as helping pick wiring and rca ends.