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tremec t56 tuet6400 vs tuet6700

I rebuilt a tuet6400 to replace the tuet6700 that was having vibration issues in my ctsv.
I ended up having problems with reverse popping out with the tuet6400, so tore them both down side by side to try to find where the issue laid.
In the process, i found the following differences (pictures to come, contact me if you want them before i get them posted)

   tuet6400  tuet6700
 Shift Rail Bushings
 None in adapter plate or extension housingBoth in adapter plate and extension housing. Appears to be enough material to machine if you want to add. 
 Reverse shift shaftEnds of reverse shift shaft are relieved   Ends of reverse shift shaft are straight. 
 5-6 selector forkComes very close to 1-2 shift fork     Angled in a way to make larger clearance to 1-2 shift fork 
 Front adapter plateIs mostly flat with single relief in from permiter; no shift rail bushings for reverseHas same perimeter  relief as well as deeper relief in vicinity of bearings/shafts.  Has reverse shift rail bushing
 Mainshaft / 1rst gear retainerUses standard c clip; gear has no cutout; mainshaft has just a grooveUses a 4 piece retainer (locating ball, split retainer, outer circular retainer). Gear is cutout for clearance, mainshaft has dimple for locating ball and is machined thinner  
 3-4 synchro slider  Older models have all same height teeth  - 1386-590-006  - i would use this gear, the raised teeth seem to wear very quickly
Newer models have different height teeth - tues3333? these seem to wear faster Shifting seems fine with older version, would use that

Shift rail bushings
Notched ends of reverse shift-shaft - old 12523202 - new 19133184
5-6 shift selector fork changed to have more clearance to 1/2  fork ?new 19178631?
Front plate bumped out why dunno
1st gear retainer
Shift guide plate - total forward/rear stroke is 1mm longer.  Reverse is 1mm longer as well, with the neutral track being .5mm wider and the top of the reverse track being .5mm closer to the top of the plate (as well as the rest of the gears)
at full throw, the selector for reverse runs into the selector fork for 5/6.  Need the newer design 5/6 selector.