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Timing Belt
Some idiot mechanic had totlaly screwed up the timing belt job on the car, overtensioned to the point of rediculous.  Replaced pully, belt.
A/C Belt Idler

Exhaust Manifod
High flow cast manifold ebay, appears to be like this one
To make it fit, have to modify oil line (see pictures)
75mm M10x1.5 bolts to hold turbo to it
Drilled/tapped for VDO EGT sensor, see (anchor to gauge section)

Vacuum Line replacements
The smallest hose was cloth covered 3.5x2.0mm, Audi N 020 353 5
medium size hose you got was 4.5x2.5mm cloth covered green      N 020 375 1
and the larger cloth covered fuel hose was 7.5x2.5mm  N 020 360 1

Diverter Valve
Spring Weight?
Stole spring from stock unit, opens/closes easily :)
Exhaust System
Catalytic Converter
Cut back end cone
Weld on 2.5" exhaust tubing to the outlet
Weld on exhaust flange
Cut in O2 sensor hole
Weld in O2 sensor bung
Flex Tubing
Mount flat bar

Front Muffler
Size of pocket

Rear Muffler
Size of pocket

ATP GTRS Turbo kit
Due to the size of the turbo, all fittings have to move about 1 1/2 inches forward of where they originally were.
Equalizing wasegate spring (for now) -- stock is <5psi to open, GTRS is > 10
Wastegate actuator at an angle and twisted
Get adjustable wastegate actuator that is nearly straight or has bend, must be smaller than 59.4mm / 2.339" and have mounting bolts 33.72mm/1.327" center to center with 1" offset WG arm 1/2" out  "
Forge WG PN Blah for saab 900 with crooked actuator -- is a bit too long and not quite bent enough but with a cut and a bend fits great
The strongest spring is the red, followed by the blue, yellow and finally the green which is the weakest.

Inlet Hose and rim (034) -- cannot seem to use with stock airbox :(!! -- if you want to use will all be bent and tweaked around. 
Totally rebuilt end of hose to allow for 18mm difference in length between bottom of hose and top of hose- thats 2.5" id circle, figure the angle.

Size at Airbox
Size at turbo
GTRS comes with Blah, hose comes with blah
Big one has no o ring
Block topmost inlet (unused on this engine)
<-> turbo output  <14" of 7.5mm (such as  ) or slightly smaller ID vacuum hose, and fitting hose clamps (such as 1805-sa013)
<-> Turbo Intake Pipe (tip) <14" of 7.5mm or slightly smaller ID vacuum hose
Wiring length OK

Charcoal Canister
<-> Intake <8" of 7.5mm (such as  ) or slightly smaller ID vacuum hose, and fitting hose clamps (such as 1805-sa013)

Air Box/Mass meter
Spacer and coupling/reducer for stock MAF for the moment

CrankCase Vent
Need to Extend 1.5" long .79" OD  hard line  and 1.5" long .79 ID hose OR

EGR smog pump to airbox doesn't like the bigass TIP. 

Turbo and EGR pipe Support

Heat Shield (valve cover)
Drill out rivets of front supporting piece (carful not to twist the whole heatshield around your drill!)
Modify front mount and cut out -- cut 10mm - 12mm off of oil line mount, make heat shield equal
Grab m5x.8 nut, redrill oil line then weld on nut
Drill hole in right place on heat shield

Motor mount heatshield
Bend heat sheild to aviod contact (motor mount heat shield

Turbo Output Hose
Trim output hose into crosstube -- 2.024"  51.5mm

Oil feed
Fitment of stock line to GTRS elim turbo without modifying line is not good- the hose is too long and there is pressure put on it in funny ways.  Also, the new high-flow manifold interfered with the bottom of the heatshiled mount.

To resolve the bracket clearance issue, Cut bracket back 10mm, drilled a new hole and welded a new nut onto it , then modified the heat shield for that mount.

To resolve the feed line, some research had to be done.
Stock Line is .314" 8mm  (.3125= 5/16" = an5)
Stock Hose is .3 ID and .4 OD
The stock line is very close in diameter to aeroquip's an6 ptfe (teflon) models fc186, 2807 (sae 100r14a), fc465 (sae 100r14b)   (.32 id, .43 od)
The stock fitting is DIN 7631 'globeseal' in an m14x1.5 variety.  Unfortunately, aeroquip does not make hose ends for their teflon hoses with these.  :(

First option-- the one i'm going to try first and will look more stock-- Going to try with stock line, with additional fittings.
Going to go with 37Degree JIC for the fittings except reducer (6an to 4an) as it is very close to AN- main difference being the threads.
Aeroquip 63-190600-06 is for an6 teflon hose -- steel part. Stainless part is 190600–6c and very hard to find by that part number, people call it other things like 'speed seal'.
so, 'speed seal' an6 fitting on end of stock hose cut to right length, followed by an6->4 adapter union (male/female), followed by restrictor with an4 inlet

Look into restrictor for turbo that is shorter and goes directly to A/N 1.2-1.6mm ?  http://www.atpturbo.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=GRT-TBO-004&Category_Code=BCS
stock is m14x1.5 flare fitting GT28 center section is  1/4" inverted flare is what the housing has on it?
1/4" inverted flare "Tighten assembly with a wrench until a solid feeling is encountered.  From that point apply 1/6 of a turn" (from goodyear here)
"For many common passenger vehicle engines, this generally translates into a restrictor with a minimum of 0 222.040" diameter orifice upstream of the oil inlet " --http://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/tech_center/faqs.html#t16
get a/n fittings for this, tube nuts, adapters to an4, 120 degree hose end,needed?  straight end, hose.

OR for stainless 190600–6c
aeroquip.cc has them for 7 bux. oops not stainless
anplumbing.com has them for 25 in stainless...

Oil drain
size? .710" 18mm
Drill drain tube for larger studs  (comes with stepped studs m8x1.25 and m6x1.0)
Buy two m8x1.25 x? studs-- 15.5mm or less inside turbo
Has nasty twist-- redo with A/N?
Bend out bottom half that connects to pan to straighten the run
bolt top half to turbo, bend top half  to line up with bent bottom half. Hose will now be twisted
cut off, twist, reclamp top part

Coolant feed
size? .395" 10mm  14.4mm id banjo up 17.70 OD seal 13.93 od bolt shaft
.40"  inlet
"super stock" hose an6 3/8 = .375" = 9.525mmm
"perform-o-flex" hose an6 11/32 = .34375 = 8.73125mm --
Use hose that came in kit?

Coolant return
size? .395"  10mm  a/n straight banjo, elbow -- long elbow... 14.04mm 17.7 OD Seal13.81 OD bolt shaft
.Hose barb actually .45 oulet  = 11.43mm
AN8 11.12mm =7/16 = .4375" for for perform o flex AND auto flex -- too small :( :(
Super Stock -- AN8 12.7mm = 1/2" = .5
Order 1' of auto flex
Use other stock fittings :)

Tyco extractor -- fuse box, fuel inujector connectors, etc 1-1579007-6
Small fuse holder can use tyco 927779-3 for 17-20ga and 927768-3 for 13-17ga sourced from mouser.com
Fuse Box
Relay Panel
Headlight Relays

Gauge Pod
Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure Sensor
intercooler temperature
boost pressure
wideband O2 sensor