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DTD Transmission Code
Transmission fill pump -- Amsoil G-2039 hand pump has the right flange to fit Pentosin ATF1 transmission fluid (Meets/exceeds Dexron III, meets VW TL 52 162)
Note that back of pentosin sais "Voith Diwa approval for 120,000km oil change" -- Voith Diwa is a bus transmision (think commercial greyhound size bus)...  makes you wonder why VW/Audi says this is 'lifetime fluid'

Removed Seats to troubleshoot water leaks...

Center drains for a/c tray (evaporator/condenser?) plugged-- removed and washed
front right sunroof drain mostly drains but also leaks into cab with large amounts of water.  Need to drop headliner to find

Drop Headliner instructions
Remove back seat bottom AND back
Remove rear speakers (two wires each)
Remove rear deck  (watch wiring harness on pass side end
Remove rear pillar covers -- must pull screws for handles and peel out from under weatherstripping.  If you pull the way that they will come out without bending the weatherstripping, they pops will start unpopping.
Remove lower trim panels and door kick plates -- pry carefully, black goo as well as pop-snap in front
Rear has hidden screws under back seat
Lower B billar panel (screws under door kick plates only if removing carpet
Upper B pillar (screws hidden under lower b piller panel and under front post cover)
Peel off front postt cover using screwdriver at rearmost position after removing rear post cover