bremen mp74

A common problem with this excellent unit is the hinge mechanism.

There is a nylon gear with a post sticking off of it. This gear rotates, and the post has an arm which is attached to the faceplate.

The issue is that the post shears off, leaving the faceplate flopping around.

Anyone creative can figure out a fix. What i did here involved a nylon screw and nut, some sandpaper, and some epoxy.

I basically used sandpaper to thin the head of the nylon screw until it would slip past the neighboring gear. Then glue it in place with epoxy. Then shave down the nut so that it would clear the nearby capacitor... and put the nut on the screw. Epoxy applied to the tip of the screw across the nut to keep it from turning off.

Here are some pictures of the result.