Pull windshield wipers and cowl covers

Pull insulator under drivers side dash

Manual says to loosen coolant tank. Not so sure I had to.

Manual says have to remove brake master cyl from booster. Didn't have to.

Manual says you can rotate the master cylinder as much as needed after disconnecting the hydraulic output line at the quick connect fitting. I could not, had to remove the fitting under the quick-connect as well (which is o-ringed and not terribly tight, so easy to put back on if need to do this with master going in)

To break loose master cylinder for rotation, hit it with a hammer and screwdriver on the locking flange. Clockwise direction when looking from outside of the car / in the engine bay

There is a foam and rubber insulation pad that tucks behind the master cylinder flange that may keep it from easily coming out until you fold it out of the way. Mine tore while trying to fold out of the way.

When installing new master, i had to remove the quick-connect fitting same as when removing the old master.

Save yourself some headache and lubricate the rubber tension pad that holds the master cylinder in place... otherwise good luck turning it in (dish soap?).

Reinstall the quick-connect metal clip, then reinstall the fitting on the master (now that master is in the vehicle). This way line just snaps into place.