Audi is an auto company, not an electrical engineering company. Thusly they do not create all of the components that go into their cars, but rather rely on other manufacturers to supply them.

Here are some notes about different parts

Molded Connector Terminals

There are a few different types of contacts (terminals) used within Audi connectors-- many or all of them are made by Tyco (used to be Amp). In most cases, the female part is called a 'timer' and the make part is called a 'tab'. Here is a picture of the timer 'repair wires' that audi sells, which provide the crimp-on connector on wires that you are supposed to solder or butt-crimp into place.

Coil Plugs for awm + cars seem to be tyco MCP 2.8 connectors and 'sensor flat contacts' -- 68925-1 ? 2.8 SENSOR FLATC.,SKT.,HSG.,3POSN.,SWS 2.8 Sensor Flachk., Bugeh., 3 pol., EDS

Two pin example http://www.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/pn/en/968925-1?RQPN=968925-1

There are extraction tools that can be used to remove the wiring terminal from the connector, so that you can make electrical connections that are aftermarket look stock. Here is the datasheet for one as an example.

Listing of all contacts


Here are the types of connectors (Lifted from http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1683482 )

From left to right, the tyco names are standard timer, junior power timer, micro timer, and _________

Listed smallest to largest (all connectors, not just those pictured): USCAR, Micro Timer, Junior Timer, Standard Timer, Maxi Timer.

Additionally, some of the above styles have another version which 'power' in its name (i.e. 'junior power timer'). These vary from their standard equivolent by having extra springs pushing the contacts together.

Description and drawings of the different types of timers can be found at the Tyco website here.



Datasheet (Lifted from here)

Micro Timer II (there is also I and IV, but these are not correct)


Datasheet (Lifted from here)

Junior Timer

Description: Junior timer does not have locking tabs on both sides, and does not have spring clamps to hold jaws shut, and is split into two faces on contacts. Power timer has 2 locking tabs, does have springs, and does not have 2 faces on each contact.

Datasheet (Lifted from here under P/N 925596)

Junior Power Timer

Description: Junior power timer is same size and fits in same contact places as the Junior Timer, but has higher exertion force-- it has springs that press the jaws closed. It also has one conact per side (versus the Junior Timer's two per side).

Datasheet (Lifted from here under P/N 1355046)

Standard Timer

Description: Used in most sensors.

Datasheet (Lifted from here)

Standard Power Timer

Description: Used on larger power connections -- headlights? i don't know

Datasheet (Lifted from here)

Maxi Power Timer

Description: I think these are used in the big 50A relay terminals

Datasheet (Lifted from here search for 1355050)

Other sites that mention terminals

VW Repair wires steal pic from here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1683482

VW terminal pictures and tools http://shop.t-g-s.de/product_info.php?products_id=389



terminal site:http://www.worldimpex.com



Relay Terminals

Additionally, in some relay terminal locations and older applications with guages, etc there are 1/4" locking connectors that appear to be typical spade crimp connects, except that they lock into place. These are called tyco 'fastin faston' product line, 'positive lock' type connectors.

Catalog Page here: www.tycoelectronics.cz/catalogue/pdf/catalogues/new/Cat82004_p62_114.pdf

main online page here: http://catalog.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/feat/en/c/100?BML=10576,17703

(these are notes not used by audi...)

Micro timer 1 --

Drawing http://ecommas.tycoelectronics.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController?Action=showdoc&DocId=Customer+Drawing%7F1703333%7FA2%7Ftif%7FEnglish%7FENG_CD_1703333_A2.tif

From http://ecommas.tycoelectronics.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController search for 1703333

Micro Timer 4 (IV)

Drawing: http://ecommas.tycoelectronics.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController?Action=showdoc&DocId=Customer+Drawing%7F185158%7FO%7Fpdf%7FEnglish%7FENG_CD_185158_O.pdf

From: http://catalog.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/bin/TE.Connect?C=11557&M=PPROP&P=138777&BML=10000-T&LG=1&PG=1&IDS=325022,325023,325024&N=2