I bought this unit to replace my Blaupunkt Bremen, but it is lacking many of the features that i really liked about the Bremen. Specifically, the dual 27 band equalizer (this has a 7 band, which i thought was parametric but is not), the ability to power the stereo on while the car was off just by touching the power button, the number of settings for the dimness at night (2 vs 15 or something), the ability to keep system settings accross battery disconnects, and the amount of settings for the subwoofer output ( subsonic filter with different frequencies and q, many different phase settings- i think 7).

The main loss of the Bremen is the inability to play mp3's from USB or SD card natively.

The main benefit of this unit is its ability to browse large capacity usb storage, and the lacking of junky electric fold down face mechanism haha (see the fix to the bremen mechanism here)

I have not auditioned this unit in comparison to the bremen side by side yet, but plan to at some point.

I am actually waiting to purchase the pioneer deh-80prs -- 16 band equalizer.. although right/left instead of front/rear, but i'll switch it around so that it will be front/rear.