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Fix for Astro Valeo 5045877 door lock actuators

I found a couple of issues inside. The resistance through the whole circuit was way high.

The brush holder is crimped and riveted to bus-bar, and there appears to be significant resistance there- so soldered across it.

Also, there appears to be maybe a fuseable link? that was also very high resistance. I bridged that with solder.

See pictures here:

Theories around lift

Many people do a body lift up front (2-4") to get bigger tires from ~27.5's to ~31's), but it doesn't gain a lot of ground clearance (1/2 of change in diameter, so 1.75")

I'd like to gain more lift under the subframe to the ground, so lift only in the suspension, and see what I can get

This is done via shackles or blocks in the rear, and tightening the indexes on the torsion bars on the front.

But lifting the suspension creates the following problems

Front and rear Shocks riding closer to 'top' of stroke when unloaded- makes for pogo-sticking ride. Solution; Use longer shocks (forum thread for longer fronts, longer rears harder because bracket width/shock diameter, more info), take measurements, model #)

Upper a-arm hitting the subframe when fully unloaded (before the shock limits travel). Solution; relocate upper ball joint to bottom of a-arm

Upper a-arm hitting shock depending on shock at full extension. Solution; relocate upper ball joint to bottom of a-arm, lower diameter shock, or different A arm

CV joint angle - no fix without dropping diff lower

Rear driveshaft u joint angle - fix: spacers under axle to rotate if needed

Bump stops- longer shocks bottom out sooner, don't want to break them - need to set up bump stops at their maximum compression

Measurements as purchased with 250/70/16 bf goodrich K0 @ 35psi and >50% treadwear

Ground to upper fender lip in flatish garage

Front Drivers: 29-3/8" Front Passenger: 28-1/2"

Rear Drivers: 30-1/4" Rear Passenger: 30-1/8"

@ full suspension unload,

Front :

  • As Purchased
    • KYB Excel G 344266
    • At suspension full unload, shock very close to control arm (1/8-1/4")
    • At suspension full unload, upper control arm very close to frame-stop (1/8" on side, contact on other)
    • suspension full unload is ~5" above ride height (2-1/8" shock extension)
    • Specs:: Tube diameter ~44.8mm, Compressed Length:10.63" Extended Length:16.34" Throw: ~5.7"
    • Top out at ~5" above ride height
    • @ top out, short (drivers) CV shaft has ~17 degrees of angle
    • @ purchased ride height, CV shaft at ~3 degrees of angle
    • Inners: "The standard tripod joint GI is suitable for the inboard gearbox joint of a constant velocity sideshaft for most vehicles. It has a maximum articulation angle of 23 degrees and has a plunge length of 50mm. It is ideal for medium working angles and its low plunge resistance aids good NVH characteristics." Outers: "The AC joint is suitable for passenger cars and light vehicles. Providing a maximum articulation angle of 47 degrees to meet the criteria for steering and suspension movement, it is the most popular choice for the wheelside of a constant velocity sideshaft."[ref]
    • 3" lift equates to ~1.25" shock travel
    • 3" lift, extend shock length by ~1.25"


  • As purchased
    • KYB?
    • Compressed Length: Extended Length: Throw: ~
    • top out ~6-3/4"-7" above ride height (~4.75"-5" of shock throw)
    • 3" lift equates to 2 - 2.25" of shock travel
    • 3" lift, increase extended length by 2.25"