UX32A / UX32VD AC Wireless Adapter

I have an Asus UX32A laptop that I really like.

Unfortunately, the wireless network card that came with the laptop had 3 issues

1. It has driver issues in linux, specifically with power save mode, causing connectivity issues

2. It is not the newest/fastest/greatest (AC), rather, it is N

3. The antenna sockets on the card are not the typical size, so finding a replacement card can be very hard.

The UX32VD uses the same network card.

I decided to try to update my card after finding information about the socket type on a forum thread; The initial note I read was incorrect (the socket is _not_ w.fl), but the second was correct (the socket _is_ MHF4).

In the initial mod, I soldered w.fl connectors onto the board, and found they did not fit the antenna wires correctly.

When I went and read the thread again, there was a new post indicating they were MHF4.

I have now modded the card with MHF4 connectors, and it appears to work very well.

The post with the information of the correct connector type and part number is here (thank you user1585).

I have purchased a handful of Intel 7260 cards and modified them; Currently they are for sale for 55 dollars each shipped via USPS to continental United States. Use the 'contact' link on the left sidebar to get a hold of me.

Here are some pictures of modding the first batch. One socket got damaged and I need to replace it (you may note that in some pictures), and the label on the top of the card doesn't always survive both sets of heat cycles (hence the clearness/melting)